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Anette Birck, Director and CEO, Copenhagen Health Innovation, Denmark

This article was first published in 2018 in the Entrepreneurial Mindset Network eZINE Volume 1 no 1

In November 2017, 450 researchers, teachers, health professionals, consultants, politicians and students gathered in Copenhagen to learn more about the future health sector, through workshops, panel discussions and presentations.  The conference was organised by Copenhagen Health Innovation, the Copenhagen Centre for Health Technology and the Copenhagen Healthtech Cluster.

Anette Birck is the Director and CEO of Copenhagen Health Innovation, one of the Danish organisations which organised this one day conference in Copenhagen.She says on the CHI website that “CHI establishes close contact between the health sector and the large educational institutions in Copenhagen. The aim is to encourage study programmes and courses to combine health, innovation and entrepreneurship ”.

Denmark is an innovative country! In the European Innovation Scoreboard 2017, Denmark was ranked as the no 3 innovative country in Europe and, therefore, considered to be a leader in innovation. Also the Danish cities of Aarhus and Copenhagen were each on the shortlist for the 2017 European Capital of Innovation prize.

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Mindset Workshop

The Entrepreneurial Mindset Network's contribution to the event was a workshop on the theme “the power of the entrepreneurial mindset in health innovation” which explored the roles of higher education, hospitals, government and business.

Workshop Participants

Our workshop participants* represented 22 organisations from government, health care providers, private companies, not for profits, universities & university hospitals. 

Bornholms Hospital

Centre for Regional Development

Copenhagen Health Innovation

Copenhagen Business School

Copenhagen Kommune

Copenhagen University




DXC Technology

Fertin Pharma

Hovedstaden Region

Lejre Kommune

MedTech Innovation Consortium


Perception Inc

Peile Vision Oy

Professionshøjskolen Metropol

Professionshøjskolen UCC


Steno Diabetes Centre Copenhagen


*23 Females, 10 Males


A short video was produced after the conference to summarise some of the key messages from the speakers. The video features the conference speakers Marie Lommer Bagger, Paul Coyle, Jack Kreindler, and Jan Madsen. Find out how they look at innovation in the healthcare sector.